Elements King Size Cone Roller Machine 110mm

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You are now the proud owner of a truly unique rolling machine. Sure, others may look similar, but after a month you’re left holding a broken mess of parts. Our rollers typically last a lifetime. It’s the ultimate in sustainability: a product that sustains itself by simply being well designed, and built to last a lifetime.


This roller was made using high strength acrylic. We use acrylic because it is much stronger than plastic and will last indefinitely. Our rolling aprons use double-thick, high tensile strength vinyl. These rollers are designed to last!


This roller was made on the island of Kudus, in Indonesia. Kudus is known as the place where clove cigarettes were first invented in the 1880s. In Kudus there are still large cigarette factories that employ tens of thousands of people to hand roll cigarettes. In the 1930s, a factory was established to supply the local production facilities with hand rolling machines. This factory is the oldest existing rolling machine producer in the world. We formed a relationship with them in the 1990s, and now we are their biggest customer - thanks to YOU! Our factory knows how to make high-quality rollers that last for tens of thousands of rolls. Sure, we could probably be like everyone else and save a ton of money by making our rollers in China, but quality is more important that cost to both you and us.